property damage

What to Do When Your Rental Property is Damaged

As a responsible landlord or homeowner, you likely put a lot of time into screening tenants. Unfortunately, no screening process…

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Property marketing

The Most Common Property Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re in the real estate market to sell your home, you might notice that other properties are getting offers…

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hiring a property manager

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Property Manager

According to research, the US Property Management Market size will reach $6.16 billion by 2028. The market will grow at…

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landlord vs property manager

Landlord vs. Property Manager: What’s the Difference?

If you’re been wanting to get into the real estate market, you may have considered buying a property to rent…

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hire a property manager

8 Things to Look For When You Hire a Property Manager

Are you finding it challenging to manage your own rental properties? Perhaps you own multiple rental properties, lack time, or…

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property management Memphis

Property Management Memphis: How to Manage a Property in Six Steps

Across the US, property rental is at an all-time high. In Memphis, the industry is booming with 56% of Memphis residents…

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Memphis Property Management

Memphis Property Management: What You Need to Know in 2022

Many people fail to appreciate the importance of quality property management. Done right, property management can improve the quality of…

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multi-family property

6 Tips for Managing a Multi-Family Property

If there has ever been a time-tested and greatest investment, it’s real estate. That’s probably why there are over 22.7…

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property management tips

10 Helpful Property Management Tips For Beginners

The property management industry is worth a monumental $101 billion in 2021, and it’s not slowing down any time soon.…

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property management service

Why Should You Work With a Property Management Company?

Rent for one and two-bedroom apartments rose by 7 to 9.7 percent in July 2021. The rental market is heating up!…

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