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Unrivaled Property Management Services

Founded in Memphis in 2002, Reedy & Company is one of the areas leading property management companies. Our experience includes managing over 3,500 properties owned by local, domestic and foreign investors.

Our scale gives us specialist and local knowledge, and we take pride in providing best-in-class advice as we help individuals, businesses and institutions make better property decisions.


Unrivaled Property Management Services

With over 40 years of experience, Reedy & Company is one of the leading property management companies in Memphis, TN. Our 100 person staff manages over 3,500 properties owned by local, domestic and foreign investors.

Our scale gives us wide-ranging specialist and local knowledge, and we take pride in providing best-in-class advice as we help individuals, businesses and institutions make better property decisions.
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When it comes to managing a rental property , we balance the needs of the tenants with the interests of the owners.



With over 3,500 properties across the Midsouth, we want to make your next dream home a reality.

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With specialist working across all property sectors, we are able to provide investment opportunities to all types of clients.


Our Reviews

Very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with
Zachary T.
22:42 20 Oct 21
The agent I worked with was Mrs. Beverli McCornell. She was very professional. Although I wasn’t approved for the home I wanted she gave me the amount I was approved for an so I searched their site again an found another nice place in my price range n a nice area. I went today am looked outside of the property an the environment it was just as nice as the home I first wanted. I sent the home to her an she informed me of how much the deposit was an that I could view the inside before coming in to sign everything. I’m not loosing this lady number I’m referring as many as I can to her an her company. Keep Mrs.Beverli McCornell please.❤️💯
wankisha C.
21:55 19 Oct 21
AB is great but overall staying in this house a no go. DONT DO IT,they do not come fix anything if they do its months later. We have an pest problem ,no air all summer,and floors sinking like crazy. Will not be renewing my lease with reedy and company at all!!!
Karolyn H.
21:43 15 Oct 21
AB Roger gave us an excellent experience. He was very responsive to all of our calls and went exceedingly and above all expectations. I would most definitely recommend him and Reedy Company!!!!!
Tamica C.
16:57 15 Oct 21
Please go and see AB !!!!! He is the truth, I tell you. He worked with me on finding the perfect place in the perfect area. My experience was wonderful.
Beunka R.
18:24 14 Oct 21
I have used Reedy & Co to manage my rental properties for about a year now. I would like to give a shout out to my portfolio manager Christy Tanner for her professionalism and responsiveness. My online business checking account recently changed its banking business partner, which resulted changes in the routing number. I had some issue with the updating of the new banking information. Christy put a lot of effort coordinating with all stakeholders, while keeping me in the loop until the issue is resolved. Thank you so much, Christy!
beibei H.
12:33 14 Oct 21
miyon H.
15:43 13 Oct 21
kathy H.
18:23 09 Oct 21
AB very nice guy. Very professionalAlso explained everything thing down to the T5stars for AB
Kanorrius F.
18:23 09 Oct 21
18:21 09 Oct 21
So the property takeover was a disaster and put more on me as a tenant than it should have, which lead to maintenance miscommunications because they didn’t have copies of the keys to property which BOTH lead me to be financially responsible for late fees and missed maintenance appointment fees. I’m usually very on top of things, so when I got the notice of the $65 charge for the missed maintenance appointment, I wrote a letter like it stated to do for disputes. A few weeks later when it’s time to pay my rent, the charge was now apart of my balance. I ask if they’ve received my letter, they replied they haven’t so I had to write a dispute again. Still waiting on a response. Rent/Collections/Finance department are really rude and dismissive but THE GEM for R&C is Absalom!!! From the very first day I came frustrated, he was there to smooth the transition. Very PROFESSIONAL. Very PERSONABLE. Very KNOWLEDGEABLE. As heated and overwhelmed as I was, how many consultants can make you forget you were about to pay a late fee 😂. But I give them four stars for Absalom alone. I’ve yet to come in that office and see anyone smile except him. And that is the honest to God truth.
Evette S.
12:59 09 Oct 21
Absalom Rogers was great. He worked extremely hard, and was very consistent with finding me the best home for me in my price range. I will be notifying my friends, and family for future rental opportunities. Thanks Ab!
Ashley G.
14:47 01 Oct 21
A.B. was very knowledgeable and helpful with everything I asked about. He didn’t mind taking on responsibilities while my original person was out. Thank you A.B. keep up the great work.
Brittany W.
20:17 30 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan is an excellent property manager! She is always available and willing to help with any issue, no matter how small!
Mya B.
18:59 30 Sep 21
Ashley Morgan was great and very helpful
Martez G.
18:52 30 Sep 21
Asleigh Morgan is an awesome manager ..She is always quick with her responses to tenant needs and always puts the tenant 1st..She is energetic and positive and brightens my day when I see her !!!
Clois w
16:59 30 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan is one of the best leasing agents I have worked with. I have lived in a lot of different cities due to my work. She is #1 in my book!!! 🙏
Susan W.
16:53 30 Sep 21
Ever since Ashleigh Morgan took over Oak Grove, she really has taken care of her residents. Always available when someone is needed even on the weekends!! She has great spirit with great attitude!!
Phillip L.
16:26 30 Sep 21
I’ve been a resident of Oak Grove Flats since 2018. Nice place to live and Ashleigh Morgan has been the best resident manager since I’ve lived here. She is very attentive towards her residents, she is very personable and always carry a smile on her face.
trimaine M.
06:06 30 Sep 21
Update: 9/29/2021Once again Ashleigh Morgan to rescue!! I have lived in a home managed by Reedy & Company for 2 years. Well, I recently got married and my wife I and had 2 kids! We needed to upgrade to larger house asap! Ashleigh was a huge help. She went above and beyond to help my family. She always has something nice to say. Honestly, I think she knows every one of her clients on a first name basis. Talk about professional -she does it all! Locating the right house, assisting with the paperwork, to move in/out, Ashleigh was with me every step way! Thank you so much!This is a great company! I worked with Ashleigh, and she was such an amazing help to my wife and I when we were trying to find a house. She worked tirelessly until we were satisfied. I would highly reccomend this company to my friendsand family. Give them a call and they will get to work right away on finding the right place for you.
Thomas C.
02:58 30 Sep 21
When I moved to Memphis, I was lucky to meet Ashleigh Morgan at Reedy & Company. My family needed to find a home quickly so my kids could get settled into their new environment, and get comfortable in their new school. She was able to get us a nice place to live very quickly. I am so happy with my home, and I feel lucky to have met Ashleigh along the way. She works tirelessly every day helping others and maintaining a wonderful place to live. She takes pride in her work and I know I can count on her to solve any issues that may arise. Even if I don’t need anything, I know that I can wave and say, “hello”, and she will always have a big smile on her face and something nice to say. If you need to find a place to live, contact Ashleigh Morgan at Reedy & Company. You won’t be disappointed!
alexandra T.
02:42 30 Sep 21
Ms. Ashleigh Morgan is fantastic!! She is so professional an very nice person, always ready to help, no matter what,she is always willing to solve problems o situation you have. If we could give her 10 stars i would!! We have been here for 3 years,and she has definitely made our stay more enjoyable. Thanks and God Bless you all!!
maria C.
01:41 30 Sep 21
Moving to Oak Grove Flats was the best decision I could have made. Ms. Ashley Morgan is the best manager I have ever had. She care about the property and the tenants. She is always professional and she handles her business. Thank you for all the kindness u show us.
Monica K.
01:24 30 Sep 21
My mom, Shirley Armour, and I had an amazing experience with this company. We found an amazing home for a great price, and it was all because of the man who helped us, Mr. Absalom “A.B.” Rogers. He was the biggest help in our search for a good home. He was kind, honest, resourceful, and most of all, just a great man who simply treated us like family. We could tell that he really cared about us and our home search. Without him, we would still be in our small apartment paying month to month for a tiny living space. We just want to say thank you to him and to Reedy for their help. It was a bumpy ride in the beginning, but he truly came through and blessed us with the best home for our small family. Thank you A.B.!!
Jolynda “JoJo” G.
23:35 29 Sep 21
Ashleigh is a good leasing manager at Oak Grove
Nakisha R.
17:30 29 Sep 21
my property manager Ashleigh Morgan is the best. She’s very professional. She’s a hard worker, whatever I need she’s super fast on getting it done. She keeps the property looking nice. Thank you!
timieneek W.
16:35 29 Sep 21
Ashley Morgan at Oak Grove is the best… very professional and helpful…treat us FAMILY
trinika J.
20:24 28 Sep 21
We just rented from them 8 months ago and had a few concerns, Nothing major though very little things, However The maintenance superintendent Jon St German came by to do an inspection and treated those small things as if they had to be done. I’ve never seen a management company take pride in getting those little things taken care of, Usually they are simply brushed off. Jon took care of those small things even stating that those little things matter. And he’s right, even though Jon has a lot of houses to look after, I felt that I was his only tenant. It was very professional and we WILL be renewing our lease because of it.
Chris T.
18:43 28 Sep 21
I have only had a couple of small problems with the company it’s self, but Ashleigh Morgan manages the apartment complex that I have been in for almost two years and she is for sure a 5 star employee! She has helped so much and is so compassionate idk what I would do with out her!
Ashley B.
00:29 28 Sep 21
Ashliegh Morgan is one of the best professional landlords IV met. She does a very great job. We need more people like her, the world may be a better place
Winthia B.
00:09 28 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan, she has a good heart
tonny W.
20:08 27 Sep 21
Ms. Ashleigh is wonderful when ever something needs fixed she makes sure that it’s done ASAP to know her is to love her ❤️❤️❤️
Amika B.
17:23 27 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan is great always responds quickly to whatever issuers you’re having we love it here
Justin H.
16:16 27 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan she’s simply awesome!
Angela P.
02:47 24 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan is absolutely awesome and she is very professional. I recommend any and everyone to contact her because she makes things happen and not only does she respond well to questions but she is an active listener and I give her 5 stars for her great service and proper work etiquette…..!!!!!❤️❤️❤️
Eddie H.
02:44 24 Sep 21
Great company with a lot of nice apartments and houses. Staff is amazing very nice and generous people. Ashleigh Morgan is one of the best managers in the Oak Grove Flats apartments ever since they took over ownership.Great vibes and loving person to any tenant that come in the office. I would recommend anyone who like a nice environment move to Oak Grove Flats or if in need of a home contact Reedy & Company period.
Jarquan B.
23:18 22 Sep 21
Ashleigh M. At Oak Grove is truly truly the most helpful, passionate Property Manager I have ever dealt with. She knows her job, she responds quickly and she definitely shows that she enjoys what she does. I have never seen her in bad spirits!!! Thank you Ashleigh for making the environment a place where I can call home!
MsOkellz M.
20:02 22 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan is an awesome Manager. She is one of a kind. Very helpful and professional and most of all kind.Leigh Broome
leigh B.
16:50 22 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan is one of their Leasing Agents. She is very professional, kind and respectful. Also, she is responsive to a tenant’s request in a timely manner
Timothy B.
15:31 22 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan has exude positive energy since day one! Her value is priceless and her quality is evident. She lured me here and I am grateful.
DeQuan N.
15:11 22 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan Is great at what she do and I’m always taken care of. She definitely is an asset to the business!
DeQuan N.
14:40 22 Sep 21
This young man AB was so helpful in securing a home for my family. He helped me overcome hurdles I need and this has been a great experience.
Mecole L.
19:10 21 Sep 21
AB was great don’t want anyone but him thank you Absalom Rogers
Anquan G.
19:06 21 Sep 21
Susan S.
00:45 20 Sep 21
Halston S.
00:43 20 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan is THE best, if you are looking for a place to stay or ever have any issue you can call or stop by the office and speak to her and she will take care of you!
Kali J.
20:36 17 Sep 21
Ashleigh Morgan is a godsend! Sweetest lil thing ever!. She has helped my family tremendously. If there’s a issue Ashleigh works with you to get it solved! I personally don’t think there’s ever been anyone as respectful and professional in that office. We love living here and Ashleigh make you feel comfortable reporting issues and know she’s going to get it resolved in a timely manner!!!!
Jackie T.
20:15 17 Sep 21
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